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Why Visual Marketing Is Most Important Element in Your Arsenal

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It’s estimated that vehicle owners, especially those that commute to and from work, spend an average of 30 days a year inside their car. That is a huge potential audience that can see advertised businesses every day, but there’s a large percentage of business owners ignoring opportunities. 

Why Visualization Is So Important 

Visualization is one of the most profitable advertising techniques with a high ROI. In fact, the more people that see your brand, the more attention you’ll get and the better they remember you. Print wraps not only grab the attention of every other vehicle that’s driving near you, but the visualizations are cost-effective. 

Users are inundated with information every day, and it can become an imposition, but one tactic that tends to work is visual marketing. It’s so influential because images and color have the capacity to generate an emotional impact. 

The Psychology of Images 

The reason why car wraps work so well is that visual content is easier to process. It’s doesn’t require a lot of brain power and transfers the meaning effortlessly. it’s just one of the reasons slide shows, videos and info-graphics generate a lot more views than a page full of words. 

Visual content is engaging. Colorful content captures the eye of your audience and generates a psychological response. Psychologists say that to memorize, people often repeat the words over and over until they are recorded, but the brain thinks, remembers and dreams in pictures, not in words. If an image is striking, our brain registers it instantly and effortlessly, and probably will always remember it. 

Capture Attention 

The competition to capture consumer attention is fierce, so knowing what turns on our brains gives marketers an advantage to stand out from the competition. 

Vinyl wraps are typically observed quickly and encourage a a visceral reaction. The brain does not have the predisposition to read things very carefully, and that’s why bursts of color combined with simple sentences leave a more lasting impression. 

Our minds process visual stimuli quicker and more efficiently than groups of text. In fact, approximately 90 percent of the daily content our brain receives is visual. And we remember more texts when accompanied with images than alone. 

Eye tracking studies conclude that people will look at images before looking at text. Our brain, by default, looks for images because it is easier to process visuals first. 

Inspired by Color 

The more successful marketing plans incorporate the science of color into their strategies. Studies have shown that each color influences people psychologically when making a purchase. 85 percent of consumers are guided mainly by the colors used in advertisements. For example, red is used a lot in fast food restaurants. It’s not only seductive, but represents power, while blue translates cool, calm confidence. It represents success and is used a lot in the banking industry. 

Color and images influence consumers buying behaviors, thus the reason visual advertising is the ideal complement to draw attention to products and services.

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