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What Makes Religare Health Insurance Unique

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Religare Health Insurance is a trusted name in India. It has been providing health insurance covers to Indians for a long time. The insurer offers unique health plans that cater to the different requirements of the policyholders. This is the major reason why the Religare health insurance plans are so sought after. Take a look at this article to understand what makes Religare a unique health insurance provider and why you should get your mediclaim from this insurer.

Unusual covers done by Religare Health Insurance

Let us now glance over the health insurance covers offered by Religare. They are wholesome, practical, affordable and very well-suited for your needs:

  1. Religare Care Freedom Plan: This is the first and the most selling health cover from Religare. The Care Freedom plan is a comprehensive family floated plan which is available for all the members of a family. Someone as young as 90 days can be enrolled into the plan. There is no upper age limit, which makes it even more beneficial. Cashless facilities are available too with this plan.
  2. Religare Enhance Health Insurance Plan: Next, we have Enhance, a wonderful Religare health insurance plan. This is a customised deductible mediclaim plan tailor made for an individual or an entire family. This is useful as you can get cashless facilities, preventive health checks, day-care procedures and other such medical costs covered under this plan.
  3. Religare Assure: The Assure plan from Religare is a critical illness plan that provides cover for over 20 critical illnesses. You also get a personal accident cover along with this plan, making it all the more beneficial for you.
  4. Religare Joy:This is a truly unique cover from Religare Health Insurance. The Religare Joy plan is revolutionary maternity insurance plan that offers cover for all maternity expenses after a waiting period of just nine months. The waiting period is way lesser than every other maternity plan available in India.
  5. Religare Secure Personal Accident Insurance: As the name suggests, this Religare Health Insurance plan offers compensation to your family members if you die in a road accident. If you get permanently or temporarily disabled after an accident, then too you stand to get compensation. You get to make claims for all medical procedures you need to recover from the accident. It is a helpful plan that is loaded with benefits.

These are the best and the most sought after covers from Religare Health Insurance. Analyse your own requirements and see which cover suits you the best. Once that is done, select the ideal Religare Health Insurance plan and stay covered in a wholesome manner.

Hospitalization benefits in Religare Health Insurance

There are many benefits you get when you buy your health insurance cover from Religare. Among them, the hospitalisation benefits are very helpful. You primarily buy health insurance to get your hospital bills covered and Religare does not let you down in this regard. If you have a cashless Religare health plan, the insurance provider directly settles the bill with the hospital. Else, you pay the bill during discharge and your insurer reimburses you later.

This apart, you also get the option of buying riders such as the hospital cash benefit rider. With the help of this add-on cover, you get a daily compensation for the days you are admitted to the hospital. It is a very helpful financial tool.

The hospitalisation benefits are not limited to just India. If you buy a Religare care plan, you can opt to get treated in a foreign hospital too if you suddenly get ill when travelling. This is immensely beneficial and helps you stay covered at all times in the truest possible way.


So as you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, there are many reasons that make the Religare Health Insurance plans stand out. With a Religare plan, you get a comprehensive health cover, you get many unique benefits and you also get to customise the plan with the help of the many riders. Explore the options and see which plan is the best suited for you and your beloved family members. It is important to run a comparison before buying your health cover to ensure you have the best possible plan at the best possible price. All this can be done online in a matter of a few minutes. So without wasting any further time, go online, do your research and find your ideal Religare Health Insurance cover.

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