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What Is Franked Mail?

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Franked mail services ensure that your business, large or small, won’t need to use stamps and experience the lowest technology at the highest postal costs. Every item which is processed via a franking machine carries the correct postage fee and is treated as business mail so its transit is normally swifter than stamped mail.

A franking machine must be smart technology enabled to be eligible for the Mailmark scheme which offers the best technology and the lowest tariff available from Royal Mail. Speaking to an established industry expert and Royal Mail franking machines partner like IMS Franking is the first step towards improving cost effectiveness, efficiency and the time staff spent on post related tasks.

The smart franking machines produce readable 2D barcodes which are logged as they pass through the Royal Mail franking machines postal system. Reporting tools are accurate and invaluable for transparency and customer services. All information is accessed by the user via an easy to work with dashboard.

Franked mail can be collected or placed in one of the numerous franked mail boxes which often have two apertures to distinguish them from mainstream mail boxes. Queuing at the Post Office becomes a distant memory; special delivery, sign on delivery and other services can be administered on the business premises.

Franking machines are not accessible to staff who haven’t been assigned to the mail tasks by management. This adds security and no one can “borrow” a franking machine in the way they may purloin a stamp or two without the boss noticing.

Post always looks professional and franking machine labels can be printed with unique marketing messages, a call to action or a logo. This is free advertising.

If you have a non-smart technology franking machine this saves some money and time but it’s not Mailmark compliant so the benefits are lessened.

Cost reductions with a smart Royal Mail franking machine:

  • 2nd class small envelope stamp: 56p
  • Standard franking 2nd class: 41p
  • Mailmark franking 2nd class: 38p
  • 1st class small envelope stamp: 65p
  • Standard franking 1st class: 57p
  • Mailmark franking 1st class:                        55p

Smart Royal Mail franking machines are also VAT reclaim eligible and the device calculates the amounts for you.

  • Hire or purchase from Royal Mail franking machine suppliers so that you can enjoy confidence.
  • Effectively budget through leasing or make a one-off purchase.
  • Online account management is available with firms like IMS Franking.
  • Purchase consumables and top-up credit via the online account at your convenience.
  • Receive professional advice when you use a Royal Mail partner.

A Mailmark eligible franking machine example:

Sendpro 1000

  • For medium-high volumes.
  • From leading franking machine manufacturer Pitney Bowes.
  • Processes up to 180 items/minute.
  • 15” Colour touchscreen operation.
  • Mailmark compliant smart franking machine.
  • 7kg weighing platform with 35kg optional.
  • 1200 dpi colour printing.
  • 1000 cost centres, 3000 optional.
  • Online account management.
  • Pitney Bowes already provides over 1.5 million SME’s with franking machines.

Don’t cost your enterprise time and money, contact a Royal Mail franking machine supplier today.

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