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Up and Coming Phoenix Startups

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Silicon Valley, who? Phoenix is attracting talent from the Bay Area because of its close proximity to California and substantially lower cost of living. And with so many viable investors and digital agencies in Phoenix, the possibilities seem limitless for the Phoenix startup scene. Keep reading to learn more about a few of these fun, vibrant startups who love calling Phoenix their home.

Tuft and Needle

Tuft and Needle is a prime example of a company who specifically chose Phoenix over Silicon Valley to launch their exploding business. They even wrote an in-depth blog post about the topic that you can read here. Tuft and Needle is aspiring to revolutionize the mattress industry forever through unsurpassed quality and design, while maintaining affordable prices and avoiding the gimmicky mattress selling techniques of the past.

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Freshly is a company centered around providing people with fresh, high-quality, and nutritious meals delivered weekly to the customer’s doorstep. Ideal for busy families and working professionals, Freshly gives people freedom from having to spend all of their extra energy cooking and grocery shopping. Freshly’s main goal is to give people more time to do the things they love, like spending time with family and friends, while having easy access to healthy, delicious meals prepared by professional chefs.

Coda kid

In the world we live in today, staying ahead of the game is more important than ever. Programmers and designers are in high-demand and have amazing job opportunities. Give your child a head start with Coda kid. A genius online platform centered around teaching children to code while gaining knowledge for the real world, kids can learn to create their own games and applications.

Crowd Mics

Crowd Mics is an ingenious new company transforming the way business meetings and presentations are conducted. Crowd Mic offers a product called the “Atom” which allows users to convert their Android or iOS devices into a wireless microphone. Crowd Mics also aims to improve audience engagement through text commenting and live polling which are made available through an easy-to-access URL link.


Innovative and thought-provoking, Solise offers a product different from what most people are used to seeing. Instead of washing off your sunscreen, Solise gives their customers a groundbreaking way to wash their sunscreen “on”. Available in body wash and hand wash formulas, Solise has created the first soap containing SPF 15. Great for kids and adults alike, Solise should be a staple in everyone’s daily routine.

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