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The 14th St Apartments Make an Ideal Washington Home

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Washington, D.C. is one of the world’s oldest capitals. Home to the national’s government, this city on the Potomac has long been a magnet for those looking to make a difference in the world. The nation’s capital is composed of varied neighborhoods that stretch out in several directions from the heart of the city. Choosing a neighborhood should be done with care. Many potential residents want to live in an area of the city that allows them to enjoy D.C. to the fullest. Many residents are looking for neighborhoods with good access to shops, public transportation and open green space. The right neighborhood and the right apartment is crucial. A good apartment in a good location in the Washington D.C. area makes it easy to get to work, entertain friends and spend time exploring some of the nation’s finest museums.

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Sorting Out Neighborhoods 

When looking for a place to live in Washington, D.C., many people take the time to look through lots of regional neighborhoods first. Washington D.C. has many fine neighborhoods that offer different housing stock. Potential residents tend to look for areas that are not too far from downtown and allow residents to easily participate in the life of the city. One such area is the northwestern part of the city. The city is divided into four separate quadrants with this part being the largest in area. The northwestern part of the city has many wonderful amenities. Renting 14th St apartments in Washington D.C. means easy access to the area’s many varied restaurants and parks. This part of the nation’s capital also offers an easy commute to downtown Washington as well as to nearby Maryland and Virginia, making it easy to get away on a weekend for a quick visit to a national park or lake.

Living in the Northwest

Living in the Northwest while renting 14th St apartments has many advantages. Many of the streets are pedestrian friendly with lots of outdoor seating and plenty of window shopping. This makes it easy to get around and spend days exploring local cafes, coffee shops, eateries and galleries. Commuters will find the area is served well with easy access to two subway stations. Several national chain supermarkets have opened up here so preparing meals is a snap. The area is also home to several colleges and universities, making it an ideal location for students. Residents who love music can attend concerts at the National Cathedral. The National Zoo is a short distance away for animal lovers and those who want to spend time outdoors. In short, this is an ideal location to truly enjoy what Washington D.C. has to offer.

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