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Staale Fossberg Helps To Understand the Basics of Stock Trading

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The first times often tend to get confused when it comes to investment and trading as most of them think that they are synonyms and are only meant to make profit in the stock market. However, the fact is that both trading and investment are completely different things but their aim is common which is to make profit.

Staale Fossberg explains the basics of trading stocks

Trading is basically buying and selling within the financial markets. It is an active style of taking part in the financial markets, which aims to do better than traditional investing. Rather than waiting to profit from long-term uptrend in the markets, traders look for short-term price moves so as to profit during both rising and falling markets.

Staale Fossberg, the CEO of MPT or My Private Trade says even though it is very simple to start trading as one does not need any higher degrees or dedicated training but it is very hard to become excellent at it and to become victorious. Mentioned below are some of the basic points that need to b e considered when it comes to trading stocks:

  • One may understand and listen to many clarifications about stock prices and why they go up and drop. One may also hear about the impact of earnings on stock prices or the financial system or the credit market. Even as all of these factors impact the price change, they have modest direct influence on prices.
  • In order to become successful in trading stocks one should follow the process of buying low and selling high.
  • Understanding stock quotes is important as it is much more than a numbers game, but one cannot get very far away from numbers if they want to comprehend what is going on in the market or with the stock. The stock market quote is usually available in the daily newspaper or online and it is the most fundamental collection of numbers that providers update frequently.
  • When it comes to buying and selling shares of stock, it becomes important to understand the bid and ask prices. The bid price is the rate set by the buyers while the asking price is the one set by the seller.
  • An increasing number of investors are choosing to use Internet-based broker for their trading, which primarily means they must know precisely the kind of buy or sell order they want to enter. One can utilize a range of buy or sell orders to take get control over the transaction. It is important to note that certain orders restrict the transaction by cost, while others limit it by time.

These are some of the basic points to consider when it comes to trading stocks.

Staale Fossberg uses his exceptional communication skills and his connection to Simray to create the most dynamic online concept namely My Private Trade (MPT) in Europe. MPT motivates people to make money by being good networkers and salespeople. Additionally, Staale has also served as a company director for quite a few firms earlier such as Superdobro LTD, Jungle Norway Limited, and Conecto Invest Limited. He also has quite a few years of experience as a television and radio broadcaster.

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