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How to Prevent Accidents in a Commercial Building

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The most effective way of preventing accidents in a commercial building is to put in place proactive measures. There are various ways of preventing accidents, but you have to be consistent and ensure that anybody in the building understands your expectations. To effectively prevent accidents in a commercial building, review these safety suggestions:

Employ a Safety Team

Once you have a safety team, you should discuss with them the existing safety policies, to ensure that they are strictly followed. Confirm that your safety experts are aware of all the responsibilities you have bestowed to them. Express your support to your safety team and meet them on a regularly to discuss any raising concerns and solutions to accident prevention.

Communicate the Safety Measures in the Building

Let everybody in the building know on a regular basis about the safety measures put in place. You can do this by reiterating your safety expectations through memos. It is also good to post safety information in strategic areas in the facility. You can also ask employees and visitors whether they have suggestions that can improve safety in the building. Your safety team may be helpful, but a handful of eyes and ears is always an excellent addition. Avail anonymous input form that visitors and employees can fill to express their safety concerns.

Inspect the Building Recurrently with Your Safety Team

Ensure that your staff and visitors follow the safety policies in the building. Always check areas that that may have some concerns and put precautionary measures. If you find an area that is a potential risk, discuss it with your safety team, and then have a meeting with your staff to communicate the concern and find solutions. Since the staff spends more time in the building than you, they may have some safety flooring suggestions that could help.

Be Prepared for a Fire

Fires are very devastating and can put many businesses, especially in commercial buildings, in jeopardy. You can ensure that the building is adequately protected against any fire breakouts through the following methods:

  • Ensure that smoke detectors are installed and tested regularly.
  • Check on a regular basis that all the fire extinguishers are functional. Ask your safety team, if necessary, to train other workers in the building how to use the fire extinguishers.
  • Mark all the escape routes. Make sure that employees and visitors can see exit signs while in the building.

Make Sure the Entrances, and Emergency Exits are Operational and Accessible

In case your employees or visitors need to exit the building during an emergency, ensure that the exits are not blocked and that safety flooring measures are put in place. Poor emergency exits are more than a building violation: they are potential life hazards. Accidents can occur in a commercial building if the occupants or visitors are not aware of the escape routes. If some areas of the building require special clothing or walking carefully due to slippery floors, clear signage must be put in place in the entrances and other spots that are easy to see.

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