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Diversify with an Emergency Services Franchise

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Emergency services is an industry that people will always need. Disaster inevitably strikes and ruins buildings and homes. Insurance restoration is a lucrative field where you can make a significant profit providing necessary services to people who are most in need. If you own other businesses, consider diversifying with an emergency services franchise.

Peoples from all walks of life need restoration of their residences and businesses from water, fire, and environmental losses. When they have damage done to where they live or work, they want it replaced as soon and in as high-quality a fashion as possible.

Insurance restoration is a very complicated industry, but as an emergency services franchise owner, you will have to work through all of the requirements and policies that make it more complicated than just being a regular general contractor. However, with our experience and systems in place in your franchise, you can effectively navigate this industry. Our combined experience of over 150 years and our proven model of success will help your franchise prosper.

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With an emergency services franchise, you can earn eight percent of gross profits on all emergency services jobs and four percent of gross sales on all construction jobs. Emergency services has a much higher profit margin than construction jobs, so that is why you earn a smaller amount on these jobs.

How do you know if you live in an area where your business will succeed? Your market area should have at least 250,000 to 300,000 people within a two-hour drive of your location so that your franchise can succeed. When we first meet with you, we can help you figure out the size of your potential market area.

Current successful construction business owners are our ideal franchise candidate. Adding our services to those you already offer can significantly diversify your work and give it a boost when the economy takes a hit and construction slows down. Remember that insurance restoration is more recession-proof than general construction. When natural disasters and accidents happen, we want franchise owners to be able to help individuals facing emergency restoration needs while they continue to do general construction work.

Our thorough and extensive systems, training, industry knowledge, and experience can help you create a successful emergency services franchise business. Fill out and submit our initial application to get the ball rolling on finding out if you’re likely to be a successful candidate. We are excited to start working with you.

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