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DIFFERENT TYPES OF Online patent Registration in India

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Patent is a form of Intellectual property, that gives a right to the owner to protect his invention and prevent others from using the same invention.

To secure his patent the owner must have to register his patent. But, before filing a patent application, the applicant must be sure about the kind of application that he/she wants to file.

There are basically, five different types by which an applicant can file a patent. The applicant must choose that type of application that suits him better.

The following are the different ways of patent registration in India or Online patent Registration in India:

  1. Ordinary Application
  2. Convention application
  3. National phase PCT application
  4. Parent of addition
  5. Divisional application


Ordinary application is the application which is filed without claiming any priority. This kind of application is made without any reference to any other application under process in the office.

In the ordinary application the filing date and the priority date are same. An ordinary application shall be accompanied with a complete specification and claims.


This kind of application is filed in a convention country and within the 12 months from date of priority of the application.

A convention application is a kind of application which has already been filed in other country, and then the application for the same have to be made in India.


PCT application is governed by the patent cooperation treaty. This kind of application can be filed in 142 countries. PCT application allows applicants to claim their priority in multiple countries. It gives the time period of 30 and 31 months from the international filing date or priority date to enter into each of the country and claims a protection in every country where the applicant is desirous to protect its patent.

After the international application is made, the applicant can file for the National phase application in India within 31 months from the International filing date or the priority date.


Patent of addition is made When there is a need for new improvement or the modification for the already exciting patent.

The parent of addition can be filed anytime after filing the mainOnline Patent Filing in India.

The benefit of filing for payment of addition is that, there is no requirement to play any separate renewal fee.


In case, the applicant wants a patent application for more than one invitation, he needs to file for a separate patent application.

A divisional application can be filed any time before the grant of a patent.

The Applicant can choose any of the above mention type of patent application, that suits him better.

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