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Creative Uses for Promotional Tote Bags

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     Promotional tote bags have many uses beyond shopping. Not only are they durable and washable, but they can do so much more than simply carrying a few groceries home. Plus, the more your customers use your promotional tote bags, the more your company’s message is seen. This could lead to increased sales leads, more conversions and new business growth.

Let’s take a look at some creative uses for promotional tote bags:

Take a Trip to the Farmer’s Market

Promotional totes are a perfect way to carry around your favorite organic produce from your local farmer’s market without adding to the collection of non-reusable plastic grocery bags.

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Beach Day

Plan a day trip to the coast. Tote bags are perfect for stowing towels, sunscreen, and even a few souvenirs from the beach itself.

Carry-On Luggage

A promotional tote bag is a good choice for a carry-on bag. You can use it to hold your iPad, snacks, quart-sized bag of liquids, and a neck travel pillow.

Head to the Game

Create a game day “emergency kit” using a large tote and include ponchos, sunscreen, and even a few plastic wine glasses to toast to victory.

Get Crafty

A promotional tote bag with storage compartments is a great way to keep organized and carry your crafts around in style.

Store Supplies for Your Car

Every car should have a few essentials in case of bad weather, an accident, or even a flat tire. Grab an old tote bag and fill it with flares, jumper cables, and even a warm winter coat if you are ever stranded on the side of the road. Pack your promotional tote emergency kit in your trunk to ensure that you are always prepared.

Enjoy a Picnic

Promotional tote bags can serve as a modern-day version of the old gingham-lined picnic basket. Fill it with your favourite snacks, find a great spot under the nice tree and enjoy the beauty mother nature has to offer.

     Promotional tote bags aren’t just for carrying around your kids’ toys or an extra set of clothes. These creative uses for the trusty tote bag will help you stay organized, and make sure that everyone sees those promotional tote bags with your company’s logo or message imprinted on them.

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