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Business Data Consulting Grows – Are You on Board?

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Would you rather exist and survive as a business or enjoy exceptional success and market strength? It would be a rare person who’d subscribe to the former group. Using a business data analyst can make the difference between these two options, positively, cost effectively and productively.

Why? Business data consulting, metrics management and analysis are integral steps in the process towards growth. Only with accurate data, utilised proficiently, can businesses achieve stellar growth.

Big data era

The current business world is data driven and only some of this is useful and can furnish you with growth opportunities information. Other data may be interesting but not of paramount importance. Knowing the difference is imperative. The companies aiming to work out the best uses for their data are also industry leaders.

This need has led to a profusion of business data consulting firms and specialists appearing; real results are compelling evidence that metrics management and business data analysts work and are in great demand.

Expert advice

One of the leading business data analysts and consultants in the south of England is Chris Scanlon. With over 25 years in blue chip industries and 15 years in owner managed businesses, he is a qualified chartered accountant who works independently and with Thames Valley Business Advisors. He keenly helps SME’s with business data consulting requirements by identifying key data to achieve goals.

A new business intelligence centre

He keeps his eye on developments and news for his and his clients’ benefit. One of the most interesting recent announcements was the selection of Cardiff by Pageant Media for their new business intelligence centre.

The enterprise was established with 2 employees almost 20 years ago and now has over 200 specialists in several countries so their presence in the business data consulting arena is not to be viewed as a start-up trying to get their proverbial foot in the door.

The new centre increases Pageant Media’s operations and brings local job creation, 25 instantly with a further 60 employees planned over 3 years. This has been welcomed by officials who offered a £300000 investment via the Wales Business Finance Scheme to aid Pageant’s decision.

Data is everything

As businesses now trade beyond local and regional restrictions and competitors, business data consulting has never been more important. Global reach means decisions must be correct and business data analysts should be sought.

Chris believes that, “If your company doesn’t put a lot of stock in business intelligence then it also doesn’t put a lot of stock in its future.”

If your business is Berkshire or London based and you’re looking to take the next step, you need a glut of data turned in to meaningful information to allow you to create an effective business growth plan, please don’t hesitate to contact Chris Scanlon.

He understands what you require and his business data consulting and analysis skills are highly recommended. In this era of big data, he’s a strong asset to your team.

Chris can be contacted via TVBA, social media, skype and by telephone.

He’s ready, are you?

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