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Accessible Refrigeration Trailers

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Are you the owner of or event holder at any of the following?

  • Café.
  • Party venues.
  • Christmas markets.
  • Wedding venue.
  • Community centre.
  • Gallery/exhibition centre.
  • Country home.
  • Residential property.
  • Food fair exhibitor.
  • County or country show vendor.

The months leading up to Christmas offer several opportunities to stage an event or to cater to more than the usual number of guests. From Halloween parties to Bonfire Night displays and Christmas food markets to increased volumes vying for seasonal dining and hosting space. There’s a possibility that there is a vital factor which you may not have considered: Refrigeration hire.

Whenever the public are catered for, legislation must be met. This doesn’t just apply to restaurants but to mobile food vans, school fete stands, community centre barbeques and so on.

For premises expecting a successful few months, sourcing additional refrigeration and freezers which can store extra stock safely and maintain freshness, is a wise investment. There are various capacity facilities and they can be located outside the property which maximises space, allows operations to continue unhindered, proves cost effective and delivers peace of mind. Can you really shoe-horn the additional stock in to existing units?

Trailer Hire Key Points

Cold trailers can be positioned wherever they are required, so if that’s the car park, the middle of a school playing field, a conservatory or adjacent to a marquee, it’s not an issue. The facilities can be powered via mains or generator.

Refrigerated trailers are easy to operate and are delivered to site, collected at the end of the hire period, set up and down-powered by the hire firm. You’re busy so please let the service provider take the strain in these areas. Compared to fridge vans, you save time and money with trailers.

Units are lockable and insured. The hire customer must take out independent cover for the stock placed in the refrigeration hire facilities.

Staff can work inside the refrigerated trailers without contravening regulations leaving the kitchen a smoothly running space not a scene where people clamber for work areas and tools, potentially causing food hygiene issues.

Shelves can be arranged to suit individual client needs. No two hires are the same. Experts appreciate this and work towards what you need.

With the best hire companies like Icecool Trailers, you’ll have confidence that the cold trailers are fully maintained, hygienic, in excellent working order and cost effective.

The leading hire firms know and work to, if not over, legislative standards.

Many refrigeration hire firms offer 24/7 emergency services so should your existing on-site fridge break down, hire facilities can be with you quickly, meaning less stock, time and energy waste.

Refrigerated trailers present a professional, discreet image.

Hire periods can be for any duration and these are easily extendable.

Especially over the Christmas and New Year period, don’t wait until the last moment before booking refrigeration hire. Source the correct capacity and size of unit for you, not just what’s left after your rivals have had their share of refrigerated trailers.

Refrigeration hire allows you to cater responsibly. Contact an expert today.

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